Industrial Sector

About Industrial Sector

Our Activities include Paints, Calcium Carbonate, Aluminum, Wood, Glass, and Mining.

fastest growing paint company


A number of factories are owned by the group in Jeddah and Yunbu. In addition to 400+ sales and distribution centers.

Saudi Carbonate Co. LTD.

The factory produces calcium carbonate and dolomite materials, which are used in many industrial firms such as plastics, carpets, and forage.

Leading Aluminum factories

United Group Aluminum Co.

With 40+ years of experience, the factory is one the leading aluminum manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Company covers 3 main sectors which are Aluminum, Wood, and Glass.

A to Z factory

Saudi Silica Factory

Specialized in the crushed silica, which is involved in many industries, Including glass, chemical, silicone, rubber, ceramics, plastics and many other local industries in Saudi Arabia.

One of the leading mining company


Foras is one of the leading Saudi companies in the mining sector. Established in 2013, it own many exploration licenses for a number of industrial minerals in different regions of Saudi Arabia